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About the project
The UBUNTU-project is about helping children and youth in poor townships in South Africa. All the funding raised through UBUNTU will be used to start up a business that can finance children- and youth projects. The target groups are out-of-school youth, community workers and children. Their projects focus on relevant contemporary issues such as HIV and AIDS, Human Rights and domestic violence. The main objective is to reduce the poverty and crime in the townships around Queenstown in South Africa, and especially improve the social and economical situation for the black youth in the townships. Partnership, dialogue and collaboration are important for the UBUNTU- project.

The local project managers will have the responsibility for business planning, the implementation and the outcomes. They wish to start a soap-business, where soaps can be sold to tourists and locals, and generate income for the project managers to continue working as volunteers for children and youth. PASCaP (Partners with After School Care Projects) is a non-governmental organisation that is designed to facilitate the development in poor and high profile communities in both rural and urban places in South Africa. Among other things they empower youth to develop knowledge in relevant issues such as HIV and AIDS and Human rights, so that the youth can be able to work as project managers in after school care projects.

PASCaP facilitated project managers in Queenstown townships three years ago. These project managers are facilitating after school care projects every day. About 50-100 children between 6 and 16 years are daily participating in these projects. The only problem is that the project managers are working as volunteers. To continue to work as managers, they need to get some income. In the light of this, the UBUNTU- project wishes to help them start a business.