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Our first update, Wednesday 21.09.05

Nina and Hilde Marie arrived in Cape Town, monday 29.08.05. This is the same date that Nina for exact 25 yares ago, came into this world! Congratulate! We celebrated with the birthdaysong in Xhosa, and there was a big, big party in the evening- well, we celebrated with a lot of paperwork during the late night hour!

Week 35:
During the first week in Cape Town, most of our time where spent designing the information- folder to the UBUNTU- members. The folders tabel of contents:

Part 1.)
Introduction to the UBUNTU- project
The business plan, from the local Project Managers
The July- letter

Part 2.)
Essential oils
How to make a hand made soap
The UBUNTU-labels

Part 3.)
Financial plan, budget and marketing
Inventory list

The first week where filled with a lot of paperwork, only interrupted of shopping for rawmaterial to our soaps. Quantitys that where bought where among other things: 120 kg of coconut oil, 100 l. of olive oil, 80 l. of palm oil, 40kg of caustic soda, 10 l. of glycerine, 10 l. of castor oil and 2 l. essential oils. We also bought equipments like blenders, scales, kettles and microwave.

This was a very productive and interesting week!

Week 36:
We arrived in Queenstown Monday the 5th of September. The local projectmanagers guided us to the Christian Catholic Church where we are going to be based the next months. Later the same day, we had the first meeting with the projectmanagers where we discussed objectives and outcomes of the UBUNTU-project.

At the end of this week all the members in UBUNTU where together for the first information- meeting. There where many suprised faces among the participants when they understood what kind of possibilities they are given through UBUNTU. This was a meeting with questions and expectations.

Week 37:
In the beginning of this week, we gave the UBUNTU-members their equipments. We finished our first and second soap- production. It where a week filled with positive vibes, joy and teamwork.

Week 38:
During this week we have finished three more soap- productions. As a result we got excellent soaps with Rooibos & Sweet Orange, Tea Tree and Geranium. The UBUNTU- participants are getting more self- confident in the methodes behind the UBUNTU- soap.

The projectmanagers also had a meeting during this week, where they discussed marketing strategies.