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Update Norway, July- December 2006


Quart Festival
Instead of earning extra during a hectic week, the festival’s generous bartenders and security personnel gave away half their tip to the UBUNTU project. The new general manger of the festival, Helge Josland, rewarded the initiative and decided that the festival should grant an amount equivalent to the contribution from the workers. All in all, NOK 24 600,- was transferred from the Quart Festival to the UBUNTU project.

Gift to the UBUNTU project from Reidun Kvarenes’ 60th anniversary:
The 8th of July Reidun Kvarenes (Hilde’s aunt) celebrated her 60th anniversary. Reidun wished for only monetary gifts this day, and that everything was given to the UBUNTU project. The guests’ contribution resulted in the total of NOK 4300,-, and us in UBUNTU are forever grateful and very touched by the initiative!


The celebration of ten years anniversary resulted in NOK 1600,- to UBUNTU:
The 12th of August former pupils of Lovisenlund School (graduation class of 1996) arranged their 10 years anniversary as graduates. In total NOK 1600,- was collected to the UBUNTU project through voluntary contributions.

16th of August
Charity concert in Kristiansand Cathedral in aid for the UBUNTU project Famous local artists and bands like RadioJam, Helene Bøksle, NUD, Elmira, Inger Lise Stulien and Green Carnation contributed this evening to musical experiences which enchanted the general public and attending journalists. Daniel Nordgård, lead singer in NUD, guided the audience through an evening, not only with musical pleasures, but also a speech with Mr. Vusumzi Mcongo. Mr. Mcongo is ex-prisoner from Robben Island, where he served a sentence from 1978 to 1990 together with Mr. Nelson Mandela. Mcongo is participating in an exchange project through the Norwegian Peace Corps, where he today works as historical guide at Stiftelsen Arkivet in Kristiansand. The speech placed emphasize on the meaning behind the word UBUNTU; “We must show goodwill and love for our fellow man, and take responsibility for our common future”. The break-dancers, Spiritual Impact, gave us a fresh and cool performance probably never before done in the city cathedral.

The charity concert brought in as much as NOK 43000,-, including the sales turnover from the UBUNTU soaps. We in the UBUNTU projects would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who also contributed as volunteers at this concert, and made the event an amazing happening for everyone!

26th of August - Crown-diamond wedding anniversary
Ruth and Rudolf Loland (Nina’s grandparents) celebrated their crown-diamond wedding anniversary after having been married for 65 years. The couple felt they have all they ever needed and wished only for monetary contributions for the UBUNTU project. Nina held a presentation about the project and showed pictures from South Africa, and the evening brought in a total of NOK 18 000,-. We wish to show our grates appreciation for Ruth, Rudolf and all the guest’s generosity!

The 28th of August the administration of the UBUNTU project received good news
Hilde Marie had already planned a new three-months stay in South Africa using only her own savings, but just a week before departure we were contacted by two private persons. They had good news to us, and an offer of the best possible kind at this stage. Our highest wish was a sponsor to help out Hilde Marie so that she could stay and work in South Africa over a longer period of time, - this to help out with marketing activities and further developing of the UBUNTU project. They gave us that economic guarantee, and made possible an eight month stay, free of charge, for Hilde Marie. More than fantastic!! This also made it possible for Nina to withdraw herself a bit from the project so to be able to finish her Master degree in International Social Welfare and Health Policy at the Oslo University College.


5th of September
Hilde Marie is back in South Africa for eight new months as volunteer for UBUNTU.

17th of September
Julie Reinertsen (7 years old) sold waffles to raise money for the UBUNTU project: Sunday 17th of September Julie decided to sell waffles as fund raising, and together with friends and family she entered the main street of Kristiansand and sold waffles for the total of NOK 173,-. “An amazing initiative! I am extremely touched …” was Nina’s first comments after hearing about this stunt. And Julie has said she looks forward to repeating the episode later on.

18-24th of September
International Week in Kristiansand The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian UN Federative and Kristiansand Municipality arranged an International Week where the focus was to inform about the Millennium Development Goals ( These are eight concrete goals needed to achieve a better world within the year 2015. In relation to this we were asked to hold a presentation about UBUNTU at the grand opening night at Caledonien Hall. It was an exciting night where Nina Tanggaard held the UBUNTU presentation, and informed about how “Help to self-help” can aid the achievement of poverty alleviation in the world. We also arranged a stand about UBUNTU at the square in Kristiansand together with the Norwegian Peace Corps, the Norwegian UN Federative and ARC-aid, where the sounds of African drums and music created an athomosphere that attracted a lot of interest about the UBUNTU project and for the sale of soaps.

21st of September
Friendship-class at Lovisenlund School Nina was invited by Rut Eli Jensen to come back to Lovisenlund School to hold a presentation about UBUNTU for 60 enthusiastic youth between 11 and 13 years of age. The amount of positive feedback from teachers and pupils has resulted in a small project of “friendship-class”. The idea is that the Norwegian pupils shall engage in the UBUNTU project through a pen-pal project with youth in South Africa. With this we seek to create a sense of closeness between to different worlds, contribute to cultural exchange and involve Norwegian youth in engagement for a better world development. The philosophy behind UBUNTU is about solidarity and a holistic world that have room for everyone. UBUNTU is the South African term for commitment among people to care for each other and share what is available. We believe that a friendship-school project can contribute to increased awareness about these issues.

Check out what is written about UBUNTU in the magazine Absolutt KRS, September edition - Thanks Trine Kallevik for a great article!

T-shirts for sale!
From the 21st of September we have started selling t-shirts with UBUNTU logo. The cost of producing these t-shirts is NOK 40,- pr piece. We are selling them for NOK 150,- which means you contribute with NOK 110,- pr t-shirt you buy! The t-shirts can be bought directly from Nina by contacting her at phone no: 976 45 063 or send an email to, or you can buy them at the shop BEADS in Skippergata 11, Kristiansand or Lundskråga Pub in Marviksveien 2b, Kristiansand.

BEADS and Artisjokken has started selling UBUNTU soaps!
BEADS is the new sales outlet for pearls, and from September of they also sell UBUNTU soaps and t-shirts. The manager Liv Bente Steiro Diop is engaged in Fair Trade and contacted us to sell our products. You can find the shop in Skippergata 11, in Kristiansand centre.

Artisjokken (Health foods) has also contacted us, and has today the UBUNTU soaps in their assortment. The manager, Helén Sollie, can proudly announce that the soaps are for sale from the 23rd of September.


3rd of Oktober
The magazines Vestsida and Østsida (Kristiansand) wrote an article about Karl Johan on Coop Prix at Lund and his engagement in the ubuntu-project.


4th of November
Åkki Lidi wrote a great article in Fædrelandsvennen about the concept UBUNTU. Lidi emphasized that what the city of Kristiansand needs to make it a safer and better place is just “UBUNTU”.

The shop Majorstuen Te og Kaffe (address: Bogstadveien 39, Majorstuen, Oslo) and Lundskråga Pub (address: Marviksveien 2b, Lund, Kristiansand) have both started selling UBUNTU-soaps. Additionally you can also buy the UBUNTU t-shirts at Lundskråga Pub, and buy coffee-cards valid for as much coffee you want for a month which also give an extra contribution to the UBUNTU project.

60th Anniversary for Bjarne Øvensen
Once again we have been so lucky to be thought of at an anniversary here in Kristiansand. When Bjarne Øvensen had his birthday he wished only for monetary gifts and with them donate a total of NOK 12 405,-! Thank you so much for this! We are very grateful and happy for your generosity, Bjarne, and of course your guests. We also wish to announce that Bjarne told us that he was impressed with the soaps we sell, and that there is no doubt that the quality is better than regular soaps!


5th of December
Hilde Marie is back in Norway for her Christmas holiday. She will be here until the 15th of January and we will use the time to plan the coming activities in the project.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!